About Edward Hall
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Edward Hall, founded in year 2008 by Mr. Ashok Kumria and Mrs.Sameer Trehan encompasses a track record of over 13 years in executive search.
The resounding success of Mr. Kumria and Mrs.Trehan made them a brand name of trail blazing success which catapulted their ex employers Omam Consultants Private Limited from a position of virtual non entity in this region to the most popular name in the region.
During this period Mr. Kumria and Mrs Trehan were profusely acknowledged in the HR circles in the region and also received the faith and love of the job seeker community.
This finally prompted us to set up on our own so as to exercise greater freedom of action to achieve new heights of success in the field of recruitment.
In the short span of just about 2 years we have received ample support from one and all who have dealt with us professionally in the past 13 years and made us achieve our targets in just half the time that we had visualized was required. We are immensely grateful to the corporate HR Managers for that and we assure them of complete support at all times.
We will be shortly opening up more branches in India and overseas. We are also introducing our career counseling division at Chandigarh which will help the young high school pass outs plan their future careers with precision and certainty.

Ashok Kumria
(Chief Executive)

A professional Manager with an HR background he has over 25 years of experience in HR, legal and executive search with over 12 years as General Manager and location head of OMAM Consultants Pvt. Ltd. at Chandigarh